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Hello! My name is Griselda Beatriz Aleu. I'm Argentinean. 
I met Jeanne through the office of the Notary who did the deed of Couple of Fact to Nicolas and me. When the deed was registered in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, the doors were opened to ask for my residence, for "family regrouping", as Nicolás is also a Spanish citizen. 
From the very beginning Jeanne transmitted us security, efficiency and warmth. Her ability to handle the case so effectively did not mean a detriment to her empathy, her extremely cordial humane treatment, as we needed in the face of the feeling of impotence, bewilderment and loneliness that we immigrants usually feel. He handled the case in an excellent manner, in a very short time, especially considering that the vacation was in the middle of the proceedings. In June we had the first appointment with her and by September the Resolution had already come out and in November I received the NIE in physics, from Madrid. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend her to a family member or friend who aspired to live here. 
Griselda Beatriz Aleu

Griselda Beatriz Aleu


I recommend her services to everyone. She solved our paper issues and doubts with high efficiency. She is a professional lawyer who knows everything about the foreigner rights and legal procedures in Spain.

Kenan Efendic